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Wouldn’t it be smart to have designs that are actually nice to wear yet still show the same pride of discovering a new cool city or unique country? For too many years, we’ve seen a souvenir industry full with unfashionable, cheap memorabilia.  

Robin Ruth’s goal is to change the face of what the souvenir industry is constantly seen as. With Robin Ruth, souvenirs have become fashionable style items that people can wear proudly. The brand first launched in Finland, in 2010, when Lasse and Heli begun the souvenir revolution in the Nordic countries. In 2014, the Swedish branch was established with its head offices in Stockholm. Lasse and Heli both grew up in Helsinki and met at as young students. They first fell in love, then started to plan running a business together.

There is no reason the industry should not be renewed and youthful. We love seeing each year, what items are most esteemed by our customers, what becomes the most successful product of every season in terms of sales and social media tags. After all, it’s another great thing to have a bet about between us.

Robin Ruth is the largest souvenir company in the world. It is also the only global souvenir. With clothes, bags, and much more our brand aims to bring a bit of fashion into the world of keepsakes for all global travelers. We’ve realized that since our brand has two decades of experience in renewing an industry, we’ve been able to share that knowledge with other companies and partners in merchandise business. The global design team behind Robin Ruth’s successful products has helped football teams, theme parks, hotels and many other companies that offer gifts to their customers or followers find their best way of expressing their identity and image on clothing and accessories. It is such a pleasure to design items for a crowd that has waited for a long time for something fresh and new to revive their merchandise with.  


As we tend to say in our company - Good Design is Good Business! We want to bring this thinking to all of our partners and everyone we work with. We are dedicated to making your experience in working with us smooth, easy and fun.

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Lasse & Heli

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